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Welcome to pubquiz!

This is a community for trivia quizzes, not the irritating, "What kind of cardboard am I?" variety that plague our friends pages from time to time.

Anybody is welcome to take part, anybody is welcome to post a quiz of their own, however, in order to maintain an amicable spirit within the community, I'd like to suggest the following guidelines:
  • The quizzes are just for fun, no prizes are given for getting all the answers right, they are just intended to be a little light-hearted entertainment.

  • As easy as it obviously would be, cheating, looking up answers etc., would not be in the spirit of the community. Answers, whether they be serious or amusing, should be off the top of your head.

  • The question section of each quiz post should be behind an lj-cut. Quizzes containing images which aren't posted behind an lj-cut will be removed. Instructions on how to do this can be found here..

  • All quizzes posted should have a clearly defined closing date, as soon as possible after which the results and answers should be given.

  • Results of the top 3 scores should be given, all others should remain anonymous unless a participant specifically asks for theirs.

  • Off-topic posts, spams and adverts will be removed.

  • Flamers and community irritants will be banned.
At present, only paid members may post polls. If you aren't a paid member but have a quiz to post, email me your questions and I'll post it for you.

Polls may be generated using the LJ Poll Creator.

A list of all quizzes & results can be found in memories.

If you have any problems within the community or suggestions to make regarding any aspect of it, feel free to email me.

Thanks & enjoy!


This community is maintained by ella.